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About America's Natural Energy

ANE is a management company that has been designed to transform the ordinary, status queue, stereotyped oil and gas company that involve high-risk exploratory drilling. Our team has designed a unique concept that mitigates the risk normally associated with oil and gas investments.

The management team has copulated over 45+ years of experience. We work diligently in employing and hiring experienced geologist, engineers (reservoir, petroleum, etc.), drilling operators and geo-physicist team to assist in analyzing quality projects that will return strong investment dollars to the fund and ultimately to the working interest investors.

We believe in the concept of “THINK GREEN, THINK CLEAN” strategy in both the prospect acquisition and future drilling of every well. We strive to protect our environment for today, as well as building a cleaner and better tomorrow for the future generations of American’s.

We are an American based and built company that strongly believes in America’s resources, allowing those domestic resources to help fuel America and other surrounding countries in demand for these same needed resources. As America and our global world continues to transition itself from crude oil to natural gas, our plan is to help assist in providing this ongoing growth and changes.


ANE’s ongoing goals and objectives is to produce both oil and natural gas; however, due to natural gas being the cleanest fossil fuel available, economists and ANE management believe in the near future and long term this will be the premiere fuel used in automobiles, power plants, production warehouses, etc. and throughout the everyday American home and life.

Therefore, America Natural Energy, LLC  will strive in its efforts to engage the majority of its resources in purchasing, drilling and building its reserves and production from natural gas reservoirs. Additional motivating factors in our pursuit for natural gas is the basis that most economists believe that few commodities are under-valued in this present market like natural gas. These same economists believe natural gas prices could very well double in price over the next 2-4 years.


Developmental Production

Our plan is to concentrate all of our company’s resources and experience in domestic on-shore drilling. Due to many of the larger companies choosing to focus the majority of their resources to the off-shore, deeper and higher prolific reservoirs, as well as tremendously higher costs exploration; it has allowed smaller companies, such as ours, to purchase producing, productive strong projects, along with acquiring quality developmental leases on-shore. 

We at American Natural Energy believe in protecting the investors’ assets first and foremost; along with customer service and honest transparent projects that allow the investor to feel confident in every dollar they will invest. Long term business relationships are what made America’s capitalistic environment so strong; ANE intends on keeping that business model alive and thriving. Honesty and Integrity is America Natural Energy!

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American's Natural Energy
Phone: (909) 214-2002   Email: info@americasnatural.com

THIS MATERIAL IS DESIGNED FOR MARKETING PURPOSES ONLY. The information on these pages is intended solely for the benefit of participants in the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry, developers, other persons interested in operating relationships with America's Natural Energy, or persons who have pre-existing relationships with American's Natural Energy. The natural gas and oil interests are owned by limited partnerships located in Delaware.