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Welcome to America's Natural Energy (ANE)

“Investing In America’s On-shore Natural Resources”

Why investing into Natural Gas and Oil is smart!

Since the existence of America, individuals and companies have improved our country through hard-work, dedication and the exploration of new ideas and opportunities. In the mid 1800’s, Americas natural resources (oil) was discovered in the streams seeping up through the ground. Thanks to individuals and groups of investors, oil wells were drilled. Along with the improved technology, we are the recipients of the efforts and teamwork of early entrepreneurs and investors. Due to the current demands for crude oil and natural gas along with the future projected growth, the opportunity for this potentially lucrative investment is available and thriving to the average individual today.

Most individuals do not realize nearly 98% of everything we have or do is in some way related to crude oil. Heat for your home, gas for your car, 2 liter plastic bottles for soda, and petroleum jelly are just a short list of products we enjoy and use that have been created by crude oil. Power plants, treatment plants, production warehouses, and the ongoing construction of bridges, buildings, tunnels roads and cities create an ongoing need for crude oil and natural gas.

The United States has the greatest standard of living in the world, as well as the largest economy. As democracy and capitalism is spreading around the world, global oil and natural gas is consumed at an ongoing record level.

As we continue to improve our way of living and other countries strive to live the American dream and upgrade to modern technologies, crude oil and natural gas will continue to be the fossil fuel and needed commodity for these continued improvements.

ANE, along with other great companies, understands that very few individuals could make this investment on their own; therefore, ANE has created a fund that allows smaller individual investors to partner together with ANE’s experience. Together we can accomplish only what the elite and high-risk investors were able and willing to do.

Why Invest with America's Natural Energy?

Due to the experience and hard work of our management team, we have created the opportunity of investing into an industry which typically was reserved for the high-risk investors or the elite, wealthy individuals.

Our concepts simply allow the average investor to participate in a normally high-risk elite investment, due to our business model which simply mitigates (see “Business Plan” page) the normal assumed risks and provides investors a return on their investment, along with utilizing all the incredible tax benefits (tax deductions and credits) available with natural gas and oil projects.  

America Natural Energy, LLC has simply changed the characteristic and design of the normal investment into natural gas and oil. Our team has combined already producing projects with other developmental drilling projects. While front-loading our projects with current production, the investor should begin receiving income within the first 3-6 months of their initial investment. (see “Business Plan” page for additional details)

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American's Natural Energy
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THIS MATERIAL IS DESIGNED FOR MARKETING PURPOSES ONLY. The information on these pages is intended solely for the benefit of participants in the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry, developers, other persons interested in operating relationships with America's Natural Energy, or persons who have pre-existing relationships with American's Natural Energy. The natural gas and oil interests are owned by limited partnerships located in Delaware.